How to Pick Out the Best CBD Hemp Oil for Your Vaporizer

December 15, 2018

For several decades the amazing benefits of CBD hemp oil have been known to those working in the medical research and science fields; as well as regular people who have come across it in the search for relief for medical issues.

Nowadays CBD hemp oil is rapidly breaking into mainstream culture, and being used by people from all backgrounds, sold in high street shops and enjoyed by vaping fans too. It’s no surprise really, considering that there’s plenty of evidence to show how beneficial it can be for everything from tackling insomnia and improving mood, to reducing anxiety, pain and even epileptic fits.

Vaporizer CBD hemp oil best buys


There are hundreds of companies manufacturing and selling this product, but not all are equal. For a safe and pleasurable vaporizing experience it’s crucial to use the best possible type.

So how can you determine which is the best cbd oil e juice for sale? Here are some things to look for:

  • CBD hemp oil made with no artificial flavours or colours added. (If you prefer a little flavor, as many people do, ask for advice on the best, most naturally flavoured oil to go for.)
  • Traceable organic credentials. Skip this and risk vaping pesticides and more bad stuff.
  • Provable source of the hemp used. The quality can vary quite drastically depending on where it is grown. Hemp is a ‘hyperaccumulator’ – a term which means the plant is pretty greedy when it comes to taking nutrients from the ground. Unfortunately this means it also sucks up any contaminants too. Do you really want to risk vaping heavy metals like mercury? In some areas only industrial hemp can be grown, but this can be sold on by fraudsters as food grade.
  • Clear information on the lab testing undertaken and the results.
  • THC levels under 0.20%
  • Excellent customer reviews – found on several different websites
  • Oil which doesn’t separate into layers and need shaking before use. Ignore this advice and you risk vaping uneven doses of CBD.
  • CBD hemp oil which is wonderfully clear – accept nothing less.
  • Proof (from an independent third party) that the CBD level claimed is accurate. It’s not unknown for money-hungry people to tweak the truth.
  • Evidence that the oil is suitable for the type of vaporizer you use. Not all oils suit all of them. For example, CBD hemp oil created for capsules or tinctures are made differently to oil intended to be vaped.  
  • Hemp which has been grown in locations where strict protocols and high standards are in place and enforced, such as Germany and other countries in Europe.  Brands who manufacture CBD hemp oil for vaporizers from such sources inspire confidence in the quality of their products. European hemp products which are labeled as organic are also likely to be genuine, as the standards farmers must meet are very high.

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