CBD and Pets: Not All CBD is Created Equal

August 02, 2018

By Chelsea Rivera

There's good news and bad news associated with the rise in popularity of holistic wellness and alternative medicines, specifically CBD.

The good news is that when you find a reputable company and product, the benefits of CBD for dogs are truly remarkable. The not so great news is that with the growing conversation around CBD, many companies are producing products that aren't up to the standards that pet owners should expect.

This is unfortunate for reasons beyond the consumer wasting their money. When pet owners purchase products that aren't up to the necessary standards, the dog won't receive the benefits that CBD has to offer. Unfortunately, this often leads the pet owner to resort back to conventional medications.

Fortunately, there are ways that dog owners can ensure that they are purchasing the best product possible.

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Is it all natural?


Pet owners should ensure that the CBD treats that they purchase is all natural. If the CBD treats are not 100% natural, it's likely that they may contain pesticides, fungicides or solvents. These chemicals can easily turn a beneficial product into a harmful one. The primary reason why CBD products make for such a great substitute for conventional drugs is due to their lack of chemicals in CBD. Purchasing CBD that isn't all natural ultimately defeats the purpose of the holistic alternative.

Additionally, be sure that the CBD product is free of soy and non-GMO. Again, purchasing any product with filler ultimately defeats the whole point of choosing a holistic alternative.

Pay attention to where the CBD company sources their hemp from (if they don't mention it on their website, send them an email). Also, better to find US grown hemp, as farmers' crop has to be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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Always look for the "Certificate of Analysis"


CBD oil is usually tested by third-party labs, those labs are licensed to issue a Certificate of Analysis. Each certificate look different than others, but in generaly each should include the following:

  • Potency testing (levels of cannabinoids in the product)
  • Terpene profiling
  • Pesticide testing
  • Residual solvents testing
  • Microbiological testing

Dog owners should also make sure that the CBD product has been lab tested. Any legitimate manufacturer should be able to easily provide the consumer with a Certificate of Analysis. The document shows just how much CBD is in the product. Some companies manufacture products with only very small traces of CBD, yet market them as CBD oil or CBD treats. A proper Certificate of Analysis can aid in ensuring you are purchasing the best product available.

Here is an example of Certificate of Analysis from Life Bloom Organics.

Hemp Derived - Does it contain THC?


Additionally, the CBD oil and CBD treats that you purchase must be derived from the hemp plant. This is where the conversation and at times misconceptions arise regarding THC VS. CBD.

For many, this won't be an issue. CBD derived from the marijuana plant is only legally able to be purchased in states where marijuana has been legalized. However, you should know that CBD from the marijuana plant and marijuana products in general can be very dangerous for Fido.

CBD derived from the hemp plant has less than 0.3% THC. THC is the psychoactive property that gives the consumer the euphoric or "high" feeling. Because CBD derived from the hemp plant has less than 0.3% THC, your dog will not get any sort of high feeling from the products.

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What's the fair price for your CBD products?


Due to the fact that CBD is growing in popularity by the day, you will find a number of sites and companies that sell their product had a significantly lower price. We want to stress to our readers that with CBD products you truly get what you pay for. While other companies may sell their products at a reduced price, you will likely not receive many (if any) benefits from the product thus sequentially making it a waste of money and time spent.

That doesn't mean you should go with the overpriced products. Think about it like buying any other type of product. Always calculate how many milligrams of CBD are in a product to identify whether you’re over paying or not. Here is a simple method that will remind you with high school times: 

  1. Let’s say you’re considering buying a 20ml bottle of CBD oil that contains 600mg of CBD
  2. If the bottle costs $60, divide this by 600 to find out how much you’re paying per mg of CBD, the answer is 10 cents/mg of CBD

Of course, the more CBD content in the product, the less dosage you (or in this case your pet) should consume at a time. A good rule of thumb to determine your best CBD dosage is to take 1 - 6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individuals level of pain, here is a helpful table for you: 


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Best CBD Pets Treats Makers


  • Honest Paws is a company that puts pet wellness first and foremost. Honest Paws uses 100% pure full spectrum. CBD oil for dogs derived from hemp plants grown in beautiful, sunny Colorado. Check out the Certificate of Analysis for yourself. You'll find that the Honest Paws products are lab tested, all natural, free of soy, non-GMO and full of benefits. The website also offers total reassurance with exactly what you are purchasing.

  • Healthy Hemp Pet Company, established 2014, is a leader in all-natural pet health products and marketplace transparency. Healthy Hemp Pet Company uses USDA Certified Organic full-spectrum PCR-hemp oil grown in Colorado, using the latest in vapor distillation to maintain chemical-free hemp oil. The company uses only the highest quality ingredients and offer a range of hemp infused pet products that help pet owners and clinicians a safe method to treat animals holistically and forgo harsh pharmaceutics.

  • Austin and Kat™ CBD wellness products for pets are created by hand in small batches only, using the very best all natural, gluten free, and locally sourced ingredients. Full-spectrum hemp oil is used to infuse our biscuits and oils with naturally occurring CBD - and without any preservatives or other nasties. The dog biscuits (offered in both 5mg and 2mg sizes) are infused with full spectrum CBD, coconut oil, oats, apples, peanut butter, cinnamon and tumeric. We also have oils; with naturally occurring full spectrum CBD, wild Alaskan salmon oil and hemp seed oil. They're useful supplements for those pets who may have difficulty consuming the biscuits, or for cats.  The oils are offered in 100mg bottles (for dogs and cats) and 300mg bottles.

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The Bottom Line


At the end of the day, you want what's best for your dog. Choosing an alternative, natural way to treat your pup's ailments is a great first step. However, it's not the only one you'll have to take in order to ensure that you're doing all you can. Always do your homework. If something seems too good to be true, chances are... it's too good to be true. With that said, once you do find a great company, the benefits and possibilities for your pup are endless.

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