CBD Kiosks are Coming to Your Local Malls

April 08, 2019

Could you imagine going to your favorite mall with family or friends, going to buy clothes or even shoes, and seeing that CBD is being sold instead? Yeah, the stuff that’s been controversially trending for a little over a year now? If you can’t, you may as well get ready to, because they’ll be coming to malls sooner than you think.

Who Made This all Happen?

If you haven’t heard by now, the Head of Green Growth Brands, a Toronto-based cannabis company has signed with Simon Property Group Inc. and has since made a series of announcements. Peter Horvath, the Chief Executive of Green Growth Brands says, "It's going to be an explosion across the country.” He also says that "There'll be 100 million footsteps that will be exposed to CBD products by the end of the year." With CBD being as popular as it is right now, within the next two or three years, it’s only going to get bigger, and mall kiosks are definitely the best way to get everyone on board.

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What Kind of CBD Products Will be Sold?

The kiosks will advertise and sell topical products. Topical products are your beauty products like creams, oils, and serums only, so don’t expect to see any vaping pens, edibles, or anything of the sort. There will be a total of 40 CBD- infused products varying at prices between $19 and $29. Green Growth Brands makes a disclaimer that although these products are CBD infused, they’re also aren’t making any health claims such as preventing or curing any diseases or illnesses. As a side note, any store that sells CBD-infused products or any other natural health product claiming to cure anything is only making a run for your money.

These products are supposed to help soothe ailments, and while they definitely will make a significant enhancement in the way you feel, every person’s body reacts differently. Some people may feel like their ailment has been cured while others may feel little to no improvement at all.

When Will These Products be Distributed? 

We’re not sure exactly when the products will be distributed, but there are plans to have 400 CBD sales locations with 300 kiosks open by the end of this year, so they should be popping up sooner than we think, if not now already. As it was stated earlier, Green Growth Brands is Canadian based, and Simon Property Group owns a few malls there as well, so will there be any CBD kiosks in the works for those up North? Well, when it comes to Canada, the laws and regulations are different from the US and may vary from province to province, so some areas allow CBD, while others don’t. Before the deal, this has always caused a lot of confusion.

Because of that, there aren’t any plans to open any kiosks at the moment until the laws are regulated everywhere, which also looks very likely to happen by the end of this year as well. When that happens, Horvath doesn’t mind opening kiosks in the local malls and says that “There are 15 to 25 malls he’d likely open shops in”.

Which Malls?

Simon Property Group owns 95 U.S malls in 108 locations, including states like Texas, California, New Jersey, and Florida just to name a few. Whether you’re located in Clinton, CT or Kennewick, WA, these products will be available pretty much everywhere from coast to coast at your nearest major mall. Here are a few locations:


  • Fashion Valley- San Diego, California
  • Dadeland Mall- Miami, Florida
  • Phipps Plaza- Atlanta, Georgia
  • White Oaks Mall- Springfield, Illinois
  • Newport Centre- Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Las Vegas North/South Premium Outlets- Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Roosevelt Field- Garden City. New York
  • Haywood Mall- Greenville. South Carolina
  • Philadelphia Mills- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Opry Mills- Nashville, Tennessee
  • Barton Creek Square- Austin, Texas
  • Northgate Mall- Seattle, Washington

CBD is everywhere that you go these days and has proven to work wonders for the body in every possible way. When they arrive at your mall, which products will you be buying?

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