CBD Topicals; for Wellness, Beauty, and Pain Relief

May 22, 2019

By Jordan Mangalindan

We have all read the never ending list of benefits CBD has to offer from its therapeutic benefits for pain relief all the way to treating physical and neurological disorders. There are also many ways to use CBD, however using topical CBD has grown in popularity for different reasons.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD has become a widespread beauty and wellness ingredient.  When CBD is applied topically (directly to the skin) it is absorbed through the pores and activates the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system to achieve calming and therapeutic effects
As a long time CBD advocate and user I have personally relieved pain and have had a sense of relief from anxiety and depression. CBD has also worked as a great tool for my fitness and skin care regimen when used topically. 

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During college is when I really started using CBD consistently and cut back my Cannabis intake to focus on school. This was great because CBD was a way to overcome anxiety from work, school, and other personal issues. Many people associate CBD with getting high because of its plant origins however CBD elixirs and topicals are a way to get the non-psychoactive affects.

Topical CBD is also a great and effective alternative to ingesting CBD, and because of its pain fighting properties, topical CBD is also an effective alternative to opioids. You can’t build a tolerance or become dependent on CBD.

Topical CBD for Pain Relief


Topical CBD allows users to target affected areas of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation, skin conditions, and other localized problems. I have personally found topical CBD to be useful in post-workout situations for sore muscles and joints.

Topical CBD for Beauty & Wellness


In addition to its therapeutic benefits, topical CBD has significant beauty and wellness benefits. CBD topicals in the form of salves, balms, lotions, and creams, are growing in popularity because of its benefits and are now easily accessible in the online marketplace.

Topical CBD also acts as an effective skin care solution. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat acne as well as eczema and psoriasis. CBD also contains anti-aging properties.

I have used topical CBD as an effective moisturizer and implemented it in my skin care regimen to treat acne.

Finding the Right CBD Product


Different topicals contain different ingredients that are beneficial to specific areas. Ingredients in a formula may make a specific CBD product better for one or more conditions.

For example, if you are looking for a something to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, CBD lotions and creams including aloe and natural oils such as jojoba, argan, and sweet almond would be the right choice for you.

If you have inflammation, muscle soreness, joint soreness, chronic pain, and arthritis, pain creams featuring arnica and/or menthol provide effective pain relief.

When picking the right CBD product be sure to get a certificate analysis (third party lab results) to ensure that the product is free of heavy metals, pesticides, THC, and solvents.

Herbès is an online retailer of CBD beauty and wellness products and offers a 3.4 oz 500mg CBD Lemongrass Cream that is designed to provide natural relief for soreness and pain while also acting as an effective moisturizer and skin rejuvenator. It has a fresh lemongrass scent that offers therapeutic benefits and creates a sense of well-being, making it a great product for first time topical CBD users.

Herbès’ Lemongrass Cream is made in the USA. Third party lab tested. Certificates of analysis are available on 



As mentioned in the blog post CBD Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Should You Take? Everyone reacts to CBD differently. This is true for topicals as well.  Dosage also varies based on what CBD is being used to treat.

For instance, a 1000 mg CBD pain cream would be ideal for natural relief of chronic pain, whereas 500-800 mg would be perfect for post-workout soreness.

Higher concentrations of CBD will be more effective for the skin. They can however, be a bit pricey.  You will want to experiment with dosage.  First time CBD topical users may want to consider starting off with smaller doses of CBD (25-50 mg) to save money and slowly increase to an optimum dose.

It is important to find the right product and dosage for your individual needs.

Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate Topical


Another thing to consider is whether a CBD product is made from full spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate.

True full spectrum CBD refers to pure oil that features the full plant extract. It contains a variety of synergistic compounds that interact with each other to activate the full potential of the plant. The synergistic action of key phytocannabinoids (CBD) and terpenes interacting with each other is what offers the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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CBD isolate is CBD that is isolated down to just the CBD molecule apart from other terpenes and cannabinoids. It is considered more pure than full spectrum CBD.


Let’s face it, beauty and wellness industries have been waiting for a natural ingredient like CBD to pop up on the market. Topical CBD has grown in popularity and has proven to provide many benefits from skin care to natural relief. I have found topical CBD to be beneficial to my everyday life in both aspects.

It is important to note that you should do your research when shopping for the right product and experiment with dosage when you first start off.

About the Author

Jordan Mangalindan is a cannabis industry entrepreneur and the founder of Herbès, an online retailer of CBD beauty and wellness products. She founded the company after experiencing the benefits of CBD. As a fitness and beauty junkie, she uses CBD regularly. Check out for Herbès’ Lemongrass Cream.

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