Holy Water - CBD Water

Holy Grail

There is a 5 Cents per bottle CRV Charge on 16.9oz bottles

  • 5mg Nano-CBD per 500ml
  • 1 L Holy Water
  • 5mg nano-CBD

Holy Water is a 9+pH CBD infused water. It was developed by an Exercise Physiologist and his team of a Biochemist and Hydration experts. The goal was to create the very best Alkaline water on the market today with the addition of Holy Grail Hemp (CBD). The infused CBD is a water Soluble Nano sized proprietary mixture and one 16.9oz bottle contains a serving of approximately 5mg of CBD.

The Nano process means that it has a quicker absorption rate due to the particle size. We coupled this with a 9+pH Alkaline water containing Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, and Potassium for the perfect balance.