Transcend Premium CBD Vape Cartridge - 350mg/1ml Lemon

Imbue Botanicals

We waited until we could do this right! Our 100% natural Vape Cartridges live up to our reputation with only three ingredients…our organic, Colorado grown refined CBD oil, cold pressed natural flavoring and natural terpenes. That’s it. Nothing else. And they pack a powerful 350 mg of CBD per cartridge.

And they’re like nothing you’ve tried before. We think they’re the best on the market, and we think you’ll agree. Smooth and very flavorful, our vape cartridges bring a new level of enjoyment to CBD.CBD for Petsva

Packaged in a glass cartridge and see-through recyclable box, our Lemon variety imparts natural, citrusy lemon flavor and aroma that just can’t be beat!